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a cacophony of Kaka
a hoon of Kaka
a booming of Kakapo(s)
an island of (a flightless parrot) Kakapo
a looming of Kakapo
a rumble of Kakapo
a trek of Kakapo
a circus of Kea(s)
a conspiracy of Kea
a flight of Kestrels
a soar of Kestrels
a hover of Kestrels
a season of Killdeers
a tyranny of Kingbirds
a coronation of Kingbirds
a court of Kingbirds
a concentration of Kingfishers
a relm of Kingfishers
a crown of (Belted) Kingfishers
a rattle of (Belted) Kingfishers
a clique of (Green) Kingfishers
a concentration of (Green) Kingfishers
a castle of Kinglets
a court of Kinglets
a princedom of Kinglets
a throne room of Kinglets
a dynasty of (ruby-crowned) Kinglets
a dynasty (ruby throated) Kinglets
a shower of Kiskadees
a brood of Kites
an eyrie of Kites
a kettle of Kites
a nest of Kites
a roost of Kites
a soar of Kites
a stooping of Kites
a string of Kites
a flock of (Black-legged) Kittiwakes
a tribe of Kiwi(s)
a cluster of Knots
a fling of Knots
a tangle of Knots
a chattering of Korora