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link to BIRD RESCUE Centres Wingspan, Rotorua

A list of Bird Rescue Centres in New Zealand by region including contact details.

Every year in New Zealand thousands of birds suffer accidents and sickness and are made motherless.

To cope with these birds volunteers and institutions run rescue centres for birds. To Treat native and endemic birds the Department of Conservation (DOC) requires the volunteer to hold a permit.  Birds handed into DOC are taken to rescue centres or institutions to be rehabilitated.

Injuries may be caused by numerous factors including predators, collision with vehicles or windows or they may have been shot.

Sickness may be due to infection, disease, tumors, parasites, poison, or starvation.

A motherless bird may have been abandoned; it may have fallen from a nest; its mother may have been killed or it may have been uplifted by children.

If you find an injured bird, place it in a cardboard box or enclosed cage and cover the cage. Keep it in a quiet place and take to a rescue centre. If it is a native bird and there is no rescue centre nearby, contact the nearest Department of Conservation office.

Many birds when sick appear to be tame: this is only because they are very ill and most are underweight.  Do not let children play with them as this causes more stress to the bird. Make sure the bird is away from cats and dogs.

Bird banding in New Zealand
Bird Banding in New Zealand Bird Banding in New Zealand dates back to the 1940's. This page outlines some of the results from banding as well as links to present day banding activities and how one may get involved.
Bird Problem?
Bird problem? Birds are labled as pests by some. Here are examples for those labels and ways of ameliorating the problems attributed to some birds.
Collective nouns for birds
Collective Nouns for birds Collective nouns for birds with names beginning with the letter A through Z. A for Albatross, B for Bittern, C for Cormorant, D for Dodo, E for Egret and so on, you get the idea. And there are usually many more than just one bird per letter!
Dangers for birds
Dangers for Birds A discussion of some of the dangers that New Zealand birds face and how to help ameliorate those dangers. Apparently letting your windows get dirty may help prevent bird strike. (Brilliant)
Environmental Hall of Fame
Environmental Hall of Fame Environmentalists whom we at New Zealand Birds would like to acknowledge and celebrate. Their efforts are both important and interesting.
Feeding birds
Feeding the Birds Some suggestions for feeding birds including specific feed recommendation for given species as well as general handling and enclosure advice for chicks.
National birds
National Birds National Birds of the world as depicted on postage stamps and presented alphabetically by country.
Planting for birds
Planting for birds A list of trees and plants that will help draw birds to your garden, with images from the Curtis Botanical Magazine and Cheeseman's Illustrations of the New Zealand Flora.