New Zealand Birds

Nga Manu o Aotearoa

“May I ask that our heavenly father, your ancestors and mine, bless your site. Notwithstanding this, I am sure that you would join with me and ask for a blessing from the birds themselves, as they have also joined our ancestors.”

—  Rupene M.T. Waaka, Ngati Huia


 — Updated regularly:  (last updated 30 August, 2021). — Thank you for visiting this site.  If you have any comments please email: — Huia image credit: The Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa. J.G.Keulemans watercolour commissioned by Sir Walter Buller for his  “Supplement to the Birds of New Zealand” (1905, London).  It was not used.  —  E8 image, Coxeter–Dynkin diagram.  —

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