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The Catlins (directions)

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The distance between Invercargill and Balclutha is 162km. The drive takes about 2 1/2hours without stops, but it suits travellers with time to explore the attractions close to the road. Please note that some roads detouring off The Southern Scenic Route (S.H. 92) are often unsealed.

Balclutha is the main gateway to the Catlins and the Balclutha Information Centre can provide more detailed information about the region. Information is also available at the Catlins Information Centre in Owaka.

For information on the Web try here: —  i-Sites

The Southern Scenic Route through the Catlins

Driving on unsealed roads
l  Unsealed roads can be very narrow. Keep your speed to below 40-50 km/h to help maintain control of your vehicle. Slow down even further when approaching oncoming traffic as the dust will obscure vision.

l  As metal or gravel acts as rollers between the tyres and the road surface, it may be difficult to stop quickly. Don't brake suddenly, especially going downhill. Driving on unsealed roads is a bit like driving on ice!

l  If you are driving a rental vehicle, remember to check whether you are insured when driving on unsealed roads.

New Zealand map
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