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Ahuriri estuary (reviews, reports)

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Reviews & trip reports

November 11, 2009

After a number of trips to Napier for one reason or another, have at last figured out how to get to see some birds at Ahuriri Lagoons. With all the roadways and development around the lagoons, I could see the birds but could not find a good way to get down to the water's edge to get a closer look.

This time I stayed at a motel on the main road into Napier from the airport. When I arrived it was high tide so waited until early the next morning at low tide and took the walk along the walkway. I found a map of the Lagoons which was also a help, giving information about the roost at high tide and other points, but found the area of the walkway the best place to go. This time I was rewarded. Pied shags fishing in the channel, lots of bar-tailed godwits, and other "grey" (no breeding plumage to help) birds which I had to use my field guide to help identify. Pacific golden plovers, knots, and I think a ruff. Pied stilts, black swans, canada geese were to be seen closer to the airport.

Narena Olliver, November 10, 2009
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