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New Zealand Birdcalls booklet New Zealand Birdcalls CD

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Manu Maori:

Bird Legends and Customs

With accompanying CD "Forest and Ocean" - Bird & other songs composed and sung by

Sung with actual bird call backgrounds.


 1. Te Kopere (The rainbow)
 2. Kokako (The blue wattled crow)
 3. Waiata ki te ra (Song to the sun)
 4. Pipi manu e (Young birds)
 5. Pipiwharauroa (The shinning cuckoo)
 6. Tui (The tui)
 7. Tirairaka (The fantail)
 8. Riroriro (The grey warbler)
 9. Mohua (The yellowhead)
10. Pungawerewere (The spider)
11. Putorino a Raukatauri (The case moth)
12. Ruru (The morepork)
13. Kiwi (The kiwi)


14. Te ika a Maui (Maui's fish - Akiaki or Tarapunga, the red-billed gull)
15. Takapu (The gannet)
16. Kupe (The voyage of Kupe - Koekoea, the long-tailed cuckoo)
17. Hakoakoa (The skua)
18. Te pakanga o nga manu (The battle between the land and sea birds)
19. Te pakanga o nga manu (Part 2)
20. Te pakanga o nga manu (part 3)
21. Roimata toroa (Tears of the albatross)
22. Titi (The sooty shearwater, also known as the muttonbird)
23. Te hoki nga ("The return" - Toroa, the wandering albatross)
Native Birdsong

No longer available for sale

Native Birdsong

of New Zealand  CD

A day in the New Zealand Bush: in stereo with no commentary or music.
(Total Time: 54:58)

Deep Forest Dawn: dawn breaks with the rare melody of the Kokako. Bellbirds and Tui join in with kaka and brown creeper.  (14.56)
Fuchsia Morning: a flock of Tui feast on New Zealand's native fuchsia trees.  (19.04)
Island Afternoon: bellbirds, Kakariki, Kaka and Weka.  (08.30)
Towards Dusk: more Tui repetoire as they begin to roost in the early evening.  (10.20)
Night Sounds: Kiwi, Weka and morepork.  (02.08)
New Zealand Birdcalls booklet New Zealand Birdcalls CD

SORRY, Sold Out,

but you may still hear the
South Island Takahe.

New Zealand

Birdcalls CD

CD with 60 New Zealand bird calls, recorded in the wild by renowned wildlife sound recordist John Kendrick.

Book with 60 concise accounts of the country's best-loved birds, covering their habitat, appearance & behaviour along with photographs from the photographic collection of the late Geoff Moon.

Each track is introduced by acclaimed New Zealand actor George Henare.

 1. brown kiwi
 2. black swan
 3. paradise shelduck
 4. blue duck
 5. brown teal
 6. mallard
 7. New Zealand scaup
 8. yellow-eyed penguin
 9. blue penguin
10. Cook's petrel
11. Australasian gannet
12. pied shag
13. white heron
14. white-faced heron
15. Australasian harrier
16. New Zealand falcon
17. weka
18. pukeko
19. South Island takahe
20. Australian coot
21. godwit, eastern bar-tailed
22. South Island pied oystercatcher
23. pied stilt
24. New Zealand dotterel
25. sput-winged plover
26. red-billed gull
27. Caspian tern
28. New Zealand pigeon
29. kakapo
30. kaka
31. kea
32. eastern rosella
33. red-crowned parakeet
34. shining cuckoo
35. morepork
36. New Zealand kingfisher
37. South Island rifleman
38. North Island kokako
39. North Island saddleback
40. stitchbird
41. starling
42. bellbird
43. tui
44. whitehead
45. yellowhead
46. white-backed magpie
47. fantail
48. tomtit
49. New Zealand robin
50. skylark
51. fernbird
52. silvereye
53. welcome swallow
54. blackbird
55. song thrush
56. starling
57. common myna
58. house sparrow
59. New Zealand pipit
60. chaffinch
Birds of New Zealand CD (Vicking)

NO longer available

but you may still hear a short sample (track 6): Shining Cuckoo

Birds of New Zealand

CD by Viking Sevenseas NZ Ltd.

Narrated by Robert Taylor. (Total Time: 50:50). Includes a 12 page colour booklet.


  1. Morning Chorus
  2. Kokako
  3. Saddleback
  4. Kakapo
  5. Kea
  6. Shining Cuckoo
  7. Long tailed cuckoo
  8. Bellbird
  9. Tui
10. Fantail
11. Pipipi
12. Grey Warbler
13. Takahe
14. Yellowhead
15. Robin
16. Stitchbird
17. Little spotted Kiwi
18. North Island Kiwi
19. Great Spotted Kiwi
20. Morepork


21. Fairy prion
22. Gannet
23. White fronted tern
24. Black fronted tern
25. Caspian tern
26. Red billed gull
27. Black backed gull
28. Skua
29. Northern blue penguin
30. Yellow eyed penguin
31. Spotted shag
32. King shag
33. Sooty shearwater
34. Fluttering shearwater
35. Diving petrel
36. Buller's Mollymawk
37. Royal albatross
38. Wandering albatross

39. Dawn chorus (extended version)
birdsong paradise, New Zealand's Nature and Wildlife

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NO longer available

You may still hear a sample (track 57): South Island
Pied Oystercatcher (Torea)

birdsong paradise

New Zealand's Nature and Wildlife

by Daviod Antony Clark and Les McPherson. An hour long panorama in sound of NZ's natural world which might be played using some items  over on zwee.

1. Night in the Forest
2. Morepork
3. Nth Is Brown Kiwi
4. Common Gecko
5. Little Spotted Kiwi
6. Tree Weta
7. Dawn Chorus
8. Kokako
9. Morning Forest
10. Kereru
11. Pipipi
12. Nth Is Fantail
13. Chorus Cicada
14. Stitchbird
15. Nth Is Fernbird
16. Nth Is Robin
17. South Is Kaka
18. Nth Is Saddleback
19. Volcanic Plateau
20. Geyser Eruption
21. Wetlands
22. Dragon fly
23. Spotless Crake
24. Pukeko
25. Shining Cuckoo
26. Australasian Harrier
27. Forest Fire
28. Orge Frntd Parakeet
29. Yelw Crwnd Parakeet
30. Haast's Eagle (reconstructed)
31. After the fire
32. Tui
33. Nrth Is Weka
34. Grey Warbler
35. Takahe
36. In the Mountns - Avalanche
37. Kea
38. Glow Worm Cave
39. NZ Long-tailed Bat
40. The Stream
41. Black Stilt
42. NZ Shoveler
43. Grey Duck
44. Blue Duck
45. South Is Fantail
46. The Lake Shore
47. Paradise Shellduck
48. NZ Kingfisher
49. White-faced Heron
50. Brown Teal
51. The Estuary & Seashore
52. Black-fronted Tern
53. Wrybill
54. Variable Oystercatcher
55. Red-billed Gull
56. NZ Dotterel
57. South Island Pied Oystercatcher
58. Yellow-eyed Penguin
59. Blue Penguin
60. Ocean Depths
61. Humpback Whale
62. Bottlenose Dolphin (sonar)
63. Southern Royal Albatross
64. Westland Black Petrel
65. The Rocky Coast
66. Pied Shag
67. Fur seals
68. Rain Forest
69. Long-tailed Cuckoo
70. Moa (recon.)
71. Pied Tit
72. Bellbird
73. Kakapo
74. Tuatara
75. Lesser Short-tailed bat

Melody of the Birds

Out of stock

You may still hear a short sample (track 3): Yellowhead, Mohua

Melody of the Birds

(Viking Sevenseas NZ Ltd.)

The forest birds of New Zealand with the Brian Hands Concert Orchestra.
Total duration: (62:03 minutes). (Viking Sevenseas NZ Ltd.)

Track 1: Dawn Chorus. To faint background sounds of a thunderstorm and rain begin a chorus of bellbirds, tui, robins, shining cuckoos, and many other small birds singing together. The Maori call this concert of forest voices te mara o Tane. Tane is the forest god. The orchestral medley of tunes played to these bird calls includes "He Wawata", "Po Atarau", "Hoki Hoki", "Waidaremoana" and "Ha Haere Mai".
Track 2: Bellbird — Kokomako. This medley of favourite melodies includes "E Pari Ra", "Aue", "Takua Ahau" and "Poi Waka".
Track 3: Yellowhead — Mohua. "Aue Te Atua" ("Our Prayer") is the music heard here.
Track 4: Fantail — Tiwakawaka. "Te Paki o Matariki", or "the fair weather of Matariki" (mid-June Maori New Year) is the accompanying tune.
Track 5: Kokako — North Island Crow. "Waitete" accompanies Kokako.
Track 6: Tui. The bird on the CD front cover, the tui displays great vocal versatility, here set to the music of "Te Arawa E".
Track 7. Stitchbird — Hihi. To the accompanying melody of "Haere Mai E Nga E" and of "Aotearoa: The Land Of The Long White Cloud".
Track 8. Tui. To the music of "Kia Ora Katoa" — "Good Fortune To All".
Track 9. Grey Warbler — Riroriro. Orchestral accompaniment is the love song "Matangi".
Track 10. Brown Creeper — Pipipi. To the action song "Uia Mai Koia".
Track 11. Yellowhead — Mohua. The musical medley accompanying the yellowheads includes "He Puti Puti Pai", "Karu Karu", "Pa Mai", "E Rere Taku Poi", and "Toia Mai Te Waka Nei".
Track 12. Little Spotted Kiwi — Tokoeka. The fllightless bird of New Zealand heard along with the Morepork — Ruru. The accompanying melody is "Pokarekare Ana" which for many New Zealanders is the country's national song.